Login changes
Changed the login to a regular email+password thing. All existing accounts are kept, but you need to ask for a new password via the 'forgot my password' link. :)

-Joror, 24 April 2016



Pandoras Box of Suggestions

Only the Yarrsome shall pass.

Yer Images / URLs
(titles / links on seperate lines, plz)
To be credited to
You can leave a contact address if ya want
(warning: IF used, images/links may and will be retitled / resized / resubbed - but always credited!)

So what qualifies?

So what makes a good Yarr? Well that is not an exact science. What we want is any of the following:

  • Funny
  • Insightful
  • Cute
  • Surprising
  • Enlightening
  • Intelligent
  • Beautiful
  • Contrasting
  • Inspiring
  • And more of that good jazz...
  • NO PORN/GARISH STUFF - your 'ass of the week' pictures do not qualify, soz - plenty of that elsewhere.