State of the Yarr

Like all things...
As you might have seen, has not been updated for a fair amount of time. I enjoyed collecting things from the internet for you for many years, but like all things - they End.

I will keep this site up as a tribute to time invested - and as a collection that might still hold value for those who are just casually browsing for interesting pixels. As such, I have disabled logins, but added a randomized "fate" and "today" page.

However, I do see that my younger self did not acknowledge the source and ownership of these pixels - so if you encounter things that are yours, and you would like them removed or otherwise changed - please let me know.



Edition: 18-06-2010 - Something... new subject (my mailbox is full)

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Abba? Yes, Abba, fool!

Here be a image!


Here be a image!

Motion detection kittion device

Here be a image!

Important hygiene lesson

Here be a image!

Settites, orgy, nuff said

Here be a image!

Form fitting

Here be a image!

Deep, man, deep

Here be a image!